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Commercial Services

Commercial electrical installations often use three phase power because it is more efficient than single phase power and can support higher loads. Three phase power is also used in industrial applications where high currents are required, such as in motor-driven equipment. 

Commercial electrical installations that utilise three phase power must be designed and installed to accommodate the increased power loads that are associated with this type of industry. Commercial business, such as manufactures, restaurants and retail, often use three phase power wiring systems to machines and equipment which are essential for their day to day operations. Effective power distribution systems must be carefully planned and installed within robust wiring containment suitable for their demanding working environment.

Well installed and maintained commercial three phase electrical installations limit electrical failures and equipment down time which in turn reduces operational disruptions. Planned maintenance and system upgrades are essential to ensuring the safe operation of commercial premises as well as the safety of people who work there.

  • Distribution Panel Boards.

  • Busbar distribution systems.

  • Machinery power supplies and connections.

  • Cable management.

  • LED lighting upgrades.

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